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Mission Fund Application

The Mission Fund at Christ the King Lutheran Church is intended to support members who volunteer and work with local organizations. The fund is not intended to support capital drives or operating budget of charitable organizations, but rather specific needs, projects, or initiatives.  Members of CtK may submit Mission Fund requests to the Mission Coordinator, Jill Harms, or via the church office. The Mission Coordinator will review and compile all the necessary information and submit eligible requests to the Mission Fund team that consists of the Executive Committee of the congregation (Council officers & Pastors). 

  • Applications must be submitted by a member of CtK (not the Mission Coordinator).
  • Grants can be made to ministries independent of CtK or to ministries that originate at CtK
  • Organizations outside of CtK must have a mission in line with CtK’s mission statement, “As the body of Christ, we are called and sent to love and serve the world.”
  • At least one CtK member must participate in the activities of the organization.
  • The grant request must be for a project or initiative which has not taken place yet—No retroactive grants will be considered.
  • Requests are intended for specific needs, special projects, new program, new initiative.
  • Grant maximum is generally $5,000 and exceptions will only be considered in extraordinary cases and may be limited to available funds.
  • No member or organization can request funds more than once in a calendar year. The grants are not intended for annual support and should not be submitted in consecutive years. If requested in a consecutive year, the request must be distinct from the previous year.

Submit the grant application to the Mission Coordinator as instructed above.

  • The Executive Committee generally meets monthly and will review a completed application at their next regularly scheduled meeting.
  • The Executive Committee’s deliberation will be in a closed meeting.
  • Grants will be awarded within one week of approval.
  • The Mission Coordinator or a member of the Executive Council will notify the grant applicant of the Executive Committee’s decision. Note: the Mission Coordinator IS NOT the “decider” but rather communicates the decisions of the Executive Council.
  • If your grant is awarded, the member and organization need to make themselves available for a “big check” presentation at all services and mission talk (~30 minutes) during Sunday School to share with the congregation about the organization and their project. The Mission Coordinator will work with the member and organization to find a date that works for all.
  • Grants awarded should be acknowledged with a short note summarizing the results or event recap (paragraph) with pictures, if possible, once all funds are used. We understand the timeline of use could be variable, but no future request will be considered from the member or the organization until this acknowledgement is received.
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