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Columbarium Ministry

Trinity Memorial Garden is dedicated to the Glory of God and in memory of all the saints who have gone before us.

Trinity Memorial Garden is a lovely, peace-ful columbarium with approximately 126 niches to hold the ashes or remains of the departed. There is also an Ash Garden. Trinity Memorial Garden is enhanced by seasonal flowers and the calming effects of the trees around the columbarium. Here family and friends can sit in quiet remembrance of their loved ones.

The strength of Christ’s presence enfolds you as the Saints of the Church become a legacy of his love and promise for eternal life.


A columbarium is a group of small compartments, or niches, designed to hold the cremated remains of loved ones.

Cremation and burial have been practiced in Christian history. More recently, the growing preference for cremation, for reasons of economics and environment, and internment within the church itself has led to a revival of this aspect of the tradition.

A columbarium is a self-funding ministry that has its beginnings in generous gifts from individuals in the congregation with a passion for beginning this meaningful ministry.

The location of Trinity Memorial Garden is on the east side of our campus.

  • Provides comfort and convenience to the family having a memorial to their deceased with the church.
  • Provides a visible sign that the church cares for its members and believes in life after death.
  • Makes a beautiful addition to the church.
  • Inexpensive compared with traditional burial.
  • Offers an easy way to handle pre-need concerns, relieving the surviving family members of difficult decisions.
  • A columbarium is environmentally friendly, considered the most sanitary method of caring for human remains and takes up a fraction of the space.
  • A columbarium is theologically sound.

To reserve a niche, visit or call the Church Office.

  • Single Niche: $2,000
  • Double Niche: $2,500
  • Ash Garden: $1,000

Pricing is subject to change.

Contact the church office for more information.

… All who have been baptized into Christ Jesus were baptized into his death. Therefore … just as Christ was raised from the dead by the glory of the Father, so we too might walk in newness of life.
Romans 6:3-4
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